Digout Tool for Bases
Digout Tool for Bases
Digout Tool for Bases


Digout Tool for Bases

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Every baseball or softball team, school, or sports complex needs a baseball dig-out tool to keep their bases and anchors clean and in excellent condition, ensuring long-lasting use. This strong and compact Cannon Sports baseball and softball tool is the perfect size for easily clearing away dirt, mud, or other debris from around bases and anchors. Its durable silver metal construction ensures it will hold up to regular use, season after season. The narrow design with a tapered edge reaches even hard-to-clean spots, providing a professional-grade clean. By investing in this high-quality dig-out tool, you can protect your field equipment and save money by reducing the need to frequently replace bases or ground anchors.


Key Features:

•  Effortless Base Cleaning: This strong baseball dig out tool tackles dirt, mud, and debris around bases with ease.
•  Built to Last: Durable metal construction ensures long-lasting performance, saving you money on replacements.
•  Reaches Tight Spots: The narrow, tapered design removes dirt from even hard-to-reach areas around bases and anchors.
•  Pro-Quality Maintenance: Maintain your field like a pro! This tool is perfect for efficient and consistent cleaning.
•  Protect Your Investment: Extend the life of your bases and anchors by keeping them clean with this handy tool.


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