In-Ground Home Plate
In-Ground Home Plate
In-Ground Home Plate
In-Ground Home Plate


In-Ground Home Plate

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The Cannon Sports Pro Home Plate is designed for permanent installation on baseball or softball fields. Made of thick rubber with beveled edges for safety, it features a metal anchor that secures the plate into the ground to prevent it from shifting or moving during play. This essential piece of equipment is suitable for all levels of play, from youth leagues to adult softball.

Key Features:

• Stays Put: This Cannon Sports professional home plate features a secure metal ground anchor that keeps the plate firmly in place in the dirt. No more worries about the plate shifting or moving during aggressive slides.
• Stable Base: The high-quality metal anchor ensures the plate stays solidly anchored in the ground, even upon impact with a player.
• Safe Sliding: The flat rubber top provides a smooth surface for safe sliding into home, while the beveled edges prevent snags on players' cleats.
• Versatile for All Levels: This plate is perfect for a variety of baseball and softball games, from slow-pitch softball to fast-pitch baseball, and is suitable for all skill levels, from youth leagues to adult play.
• Heavy Duty Design: While the metal anchor securely holds the plate in place, the home plate itself is strong, durable and can easily be setup and stored.

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