Golf Tape 2-Pack White
Golf Tape 2-Pack White
Golf Tape 2-Pack White


Golf Tape 2-Pack White

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The Cannon Sports golfers tape is a lightweight, comfortable tape designed specifically for golfers. Helps to protect fingers from blisters and improves grip. Has a light adhesive that doesn't leave residue on club grips, so golfers won't have to worry about readjusting their grip between shots.

Key Features:
  • Blister and Injury prevention: Cannon Sports Golfers tape can provide support and stability to the fingers, wrists, and other joints, which can help to reduce the risk of strains, sprains, and other injuries. This is especially important for golfers who are prone to injuries or who are just starting out and may not have developed the proper swing mechanics.
  • Improve Your Grip: The lightweight yet tacky adhesive helps you maintain a secure hold on the golf club shaft through your swing without slipping for improved power and accuracy.
  • Elastic and Waterproof: Our comfortable, easy to use tape provides added support and stays securely on your fingers in all weather conditions. Each roll measures 1 inch thick and 5 yards in length.
  • Improved grip: Our tape can help Golfers maintain a more consistent grip on the club. This can lead to more power and accuracy in shots.
  • Moisture management: Golf Tape by Cannon Sports is designed to wick away moisture, which can help to prevent the club from slipping in sweaty hands.
  • White, 2 Pack

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