One Hand Bat Trainer 18 Inch
One Hand Bat Trainer 18 Inch
One Hand Bat Trainer 18 Inch
One Hand Bat Trainer 18 Inch


One Hand Bat Trainer 18 Inch

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This 18-inch birchwood training bat by Cannon Sports is perfect for improving your swing mechanics and control. At just a pound, it's lightweight enough for extended practice sessions while still providing feedback on your form. The balanced swing weight mimics a full-size bat so you can focus on developing muscle memory. Whether taking pre-game cuts in the cage or working on your swing in the backyard, this training bat allows reps without fatigue. Its durable birch construction stands up to repeated drills without wear and tear. Pop flies and line drives will help reinforce your timing and hand-eye coordination. Don't let the size fool you - this compact bat packs power to punch balls across the field. Keep this training tool in your bag to squeeze in extra practice whenever you can.

Key Features:
  • LIGHTWEIGHT TRAINING: At just 1 pound, our birchwood bat is lighter than standard aluminum bats making it ideal for developing swing technique and control without straining muscles.
  • SHORT BUT MIGHTY: Despite measuring only 18 inches, this training bat provides the same swing feedback as a full size bat to help build proper form and timing from tee work to live pitching.
  • DURABLE BIRCH CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from high quality birch wood, this bat maintains its balance and shape session after session for maximum value and longevity.
  • ERGONOMIC ONE-HAND GRIP: Its contoured handle promotes proper hand placement and allows for full range of motion drills to be performed single handed for added challenge.
  • PORTABLE TRAINING ALLY: Weighing in at 1 pound, this compact bat slips easily into a bag and is ready anytime, anywhere for on-the-go practice to improve your game.

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